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Dozens of Donuts sold for San Diego Mission Trip

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Over two hundred boxes—each holding a dozen donuts—were sold last week on the Waldorf campus to fund the spring break mission trip to San Diego.

From Feb. 8 to 19, Campus Ministry and the students embarking on the trip approached faculty members, staff and students in hopes of selling them Krispy Kreme in order to raise funds for their trip where they’ll learn about the immigration process.

“Fundraising can be an intimidating and time consuming thing, but our group managed to find a way to make it happen and even surpassed our initial goals,” said Antoine Cummins, Campus Ministry Coordinator.

Sixteen of Waldorf’s students and four faculty and staff members will be joining the five day mission trip where they will be learning about immigration and exploring the definition of refugee, asylum, illegal immigrant, sanctuary status and unaccompanied minor.

Cummins added that the trip will be more expensive than past trips. The fundraising aims to keep the cost of the trip low for students.

Kaleb Betwos, a biology student, is one of the 16 students who will be joining the trip. As an international student, he is hoping to learn about immigration laws and have a better understanding of the situation on the border between Mexico and the United States.

“When I heard about the fundraising, I wasn’t happy because I’m just a freshman and don’t know a lot of students,” said Betwos. “But then I came up with the idea of designing a humorous poster and sending it to students via Facebook and Snapchat.”

“I sold nine dozen in one hour.” Betwos managed to sell 20 dozen donuts.

“There were multiple faculty/staff members who bought several dozen donuts, and some even bought donuts for their entire department which was really encouraging,” said Cummins.

“The trip is about $900 per person but with the support that we have received in the past, we hope to give our students the experience for half that amount.”

During the trip, students will also be volunteering with several local non-profit organizations and community leaders to engage with the immigration reality.

“We are excited to return from our trip and share our experiences with campus and local organizations who have supported our service learning initiative,” said Cummins.

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