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About Me

My name is Ying Tzarm. I am a Shan ethnic from Burma/Myanmar (Southeast Asia). As a communication specialist and graphic designer, I have assisted in developing and designing logos, posters, pamphlets, and books. As the technology evolved and the internet and social media took place, I have also followed the trend and learned to design and manage social media, websites, and email.

While Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign are my top three tools for my design work, I am also knowledgeable in using Adobe Premiere and Audition. Through my work experience, I have also acquired knowledge and skills for online communications: WordPress, Wix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp. ArcGIS, mapping software, is also my recent additional specialty.

My name is Ying Tzarm. I am a graphic designer with more than ten years, I have designed a number of books, logos, posters, pamphlets and for many other print and online media. 


​Like many people, there was a time I had difficulty figuring out what I wanted to do in life. Unlike other people, I was stateless and a school dropout at the age of 14 due to political and economic instability in my country. I didn't choose to join the immigrant workforce. Instead, I participated in the political and women's rights movement with the hope of getting some education and knowledge. 

In 2002, I joined the Shan Women's Action Network (SWAN) and participated in its capacity-building programs. After attending some training and basic English and computer course, I received a task to design a booklet to submit to Beijing+10, the Ten-year Review and Appraisal of the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action Platform for Action.​ The task led me to realize my passion for graphic design.

I dedicated myself to self-taught the tools and design ideas using different online resources. After some years of experience and learning, in 2016, I started to freelance graphic design work to my network. For nearly two decades now, I have used my expertise in social media management and graphic design for gender equality, peace process, and election campaigns in my country. 

As learning never stopped, in 2018, I traveled to the United States for higher education. In December 2021, I graduated from Waldorf University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, emphasizing Journalism and Graphic Design. While I would love to continue servicing graphic design work, I am now ready to take up the next challenge to become a better storyteller, manager, and leader in communications.

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